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Fee Schedule as of January 1, 2024

**South Carolina Fees are subject to change**

Purchase Transaction: 

      Attorney Fee (Loan):                          $795.00*
y Fee (Cash):                          $735.00*

      Title Examination:                               $225.00**

      Courier Fee:                                       $45.00

       Seller Doc Prep Fee:                         $495.00

Refinance/Home Equity Line of Credit Transaction: 

      Attorney Fee:                                     $745.00

      Title Examination:                               $225.00

      Courier Fee:                                        $45.00

Possible Additional Charges:

      Wire Fee:                                            $50.00

      2nd Mortgage Attorney Fee:              $250.00

      Power of Attorney:                              $225.00

      Mail Away Closing Fee:                      $275.00

      Quit Claim Deed:                                $200.00

      E-Recording Fee:                                $6 / per document 

      1031 Facilitation Fee:                          $200.00

       Estate Abstract + Review Fee:           $250.00 / per estate

       Certification of Trust:                          $200.00

       Manufactured Home Fee:                  $350.00

*A closing with a purchase price of $1M or higher will incur an attorney fee equal to 0.1% of the purchase price. 

**Title Examination Fee may vary depending on the complexity of the search. 

If requested to do something beyond the bounds of a normal transaction, the firm reserves the right to charge $250.00 per hour, with client approval. 

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